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        Q & A
        I'm Jackie, founder of The College Essay Captain, and I stand by the idea that writing college application essays can be insightful, inspiring, and (dare I say it!) a tad bit fun if presented properly. I coach college applicants to mindfully and strategically approach their application essays to craft stories that touch, move, and inspire those who read them. 
        Over the past 6 years, I've made it my mission to identify where students get stressed, confused, or misguided when it comes to writing  college application essays, and I've learned the best coaching strategies to shift their mindset and writing abilities quickly, so they feel excited to write and confident to submit their essays. 
        What's a strategy session?

        A strategy session is a 45-minute results-driven Skype coaching session with me, The College Essay Captain founder, Jaclyn Corley. I coach your teen to make simple shifts in her thinking and writing to help her write outstanding college application essays! I review your teen's essay(s) and add comments and suggestions 15 minutes before our session begins. This gives each session a purposeful direction.

        Strategy sessions are designed to take the stress out of the college essay writing process to help your teen show admissions officers what she's made of!  They will help her find the perfect topic and approach, and they will help her stay in a positive mindset, so she can be unstoppable. 

        What to expect:

        Each strategy session is personalized to meet your teen where she is and to coach her to where she wants to be! I spend a few minutes in the beginning to help her "get into state," where I guide her to let go of any of the day's stresses and focus her energy on our intention for the session. Stress kills creativity, so this will help your teen be more empowered, focused, and productive.
        Our session takes place via Skype combined with a shared GoogleDoc where I help your teen plan her college application essays, listen to her ideas, answer her questions, and give her insights into how to best tailor her essays for her audience. My intention is to help your teen uncover stories that she is inspired by and excited to write. Really. Once she finds the right topic and approach and learns a few simply distinctions, writing becomes much easier. 

        We will collaborate using a shared Google Doc, which allows us both access to view, edit, and comment on her essays in real-time as though we are in the same room. This gives your teen the ability to take notes or edit during our session, depending on how she would like to use our time together. 

        We schedule a time that works with her schedule, and cancelations/rescheduling are free provided they are made 24-hrs in advance. I'm currently on the West Coast (PST), and I work with students from across the country. 


        My approach teaches your teen the mindset shifts and writing strategies that work, and they're backed by researched methods. I spent 6 years figuring out how to help teens get out of their own way. I don't believe that college application essays need to be frustrating, confusing, or daunting. There's so much pressure to be perfect, and there's so much competition that it can block applicants from feeling safe being authentic in their writing. What makes teens stand out is their authenticity, and I want to help your teen bring that forward. I believe that the college essay is the most insightful piece of her application and should be something she feels inspired to write and confident to submit. 

        When I coach, I ask pointed questions to listen for the stories within your teen's stories, the ones that will make admissions officers genuinely connect with her that she may otherwise miss. I will help her uncover her thinking and writing "blindspots" that are getting in the way. I will teach her how to think of things slightly differently so that she has "a-ha" moments that will help her find "the topic," and "the angle," so that her stories flow easily and naturally from her. 

        Your teen will learn valuable life-long writing skills and mindfulness strategies. My approach is designed to help applicants feel excited to tell their stories, and my promise to my clients is that they feel substaintially more confident at the end of each session!

        My aproach is currently featured on GotoCollegeFairs.com, which signs up 700,000 students per year for college fairs.   

        Do I really need a college essay consultant?

        If you're applying to selective universities, then you should consider personalized guidance. 


        According to the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, 61% of universities ranked essays as "of considerable" or "of moderate" importance to their decision-making process. 

        Also, you've never learned how to write this type of essay before! You've probably written research papers, poetry, DBQs, 5-paragraph analytical papers, and maybe you even got a 5 on your AP English exam. But, this is a completely different style that you likely have no experience writing. These essays can really help your application shine if done well and hurt them if rushed through. 

        ​College application essays are the only piece of your application that you have complete control over. And,  they are one of the few ways you can make yourself stand out from the sea of other applications.

        Plus, do you know what Olympic athletes all have in common? They all have a coach. Why? Coaches help you see your blindspots; they help you make small changes that create outstanding results.

        Why should I work with you?

        I live for the moments when my clients get excited to write their stories. Really. I believe my purpose in life is to help others to tell better stories.

        As a high school teacher, I wanted to find a way allievate my students' stress and self-depricating "I'm overwhelmed; I can't do this," self-talk. I coached my students on how to change their focus in any given moment, and the results in their ability to produce outstanding work increased tenfold. I spent years researching how to best coach college applicants to constantly add value. I studied hypnotherapy to understand how the subconscious mind works to provide clients with "mind-hacks," and I'm a trained crisis-hotline counselor, so I know how to effectively navigate conversations from a state of stress to one of resourcefulness.   

        I think language is the most powerful tool we have as humans as it gives us endless possibilities to create our experience. The stories we tell ourselves shape our reality.  

        In 2016, I was invited to deliver a speech called "How Language Shapes Our Destiny," to an international community of inspirational speakers, which was hosted by TED-x event coordinator. I detailed how I changed my own life story from a teacher still living comfortably in her hometown to inspirational speaker, adventurer, and entrepreneur who packed her bags, sold her home, and moved across the country to follow her dream to help others follow theirs.

        If you want a dose of enthusiasm added to your college application process, want someone who will help you learn to listen to your intuition, and want someone to guide you to feel confident when you hit submit, then I might be the right consultant for you!  

        Can't I do this in school or on my own?

        You sure can do this on your own! But, it really does help to have a coach, even if you're already a great writer and even if you already have written an essay. 

        Unfortunately, there's not much help in school at least according to the data. The national student-to-counselor ratio is 470:1. The maximum recommended ratio is 250:1. Public school counselors only devote 22% of the time they spend with students on college counseling.  

        If you're lucky, you will have a teacher who devotes some class time to teach the college essay, but usually there's not much time for personalized revisions. Or, you can spend your time piecing together what you can find on the internet or in books. It's time consuming, and let's face it, you have other things you'd rather be doing. 

        I will provide you with a strategic approach to tackling your application essays so you feel confident when you hit submit. 

        Is there any reason I shouldn't sign up? 

        I love what I do SO much, and I want to focus on being authentic, so I can best deliver quality coaching. If you don't feel inspired by my mission, then I'm not the best match! I trust that the students who sign up are going to be really happy with their decision!

        Side effects of strategy sessions include: unexpected optimism, having more time for fun, feeling focused, navigating stress better, feeling motivated to apply for scholarships, being excited to write, and seeing the world through a rose-colored lens.* 

        How do I know how many sessions I'll need?

        If your teen has just one application essay (Common App, Universal App, etc), then the 3 strategy session package is a good place to start. If she's applying to a variety of schools with different prompts and supplementals, then the 6 session package is a good place to start. You can always add as you go.  If you're looking for extra support in between sessions, a digital video series to support you, and if your teen is planning to apply for scholarships with essays, the Platinum Package is likely for your family.

        Strategy sessions can also be used for writing activity lists and scholarship essays. 

        How do I pay?

        Through my secure Paypal account: paypal.me/collegeessaycaptain. Or click any of the links above to purchase a package or single session. You can call or text me at 516-507-4809 or email me at info@thecollegeessaycaptain.com for a free consultation and to schedule your first session. 

        By purchasing a session or package, you are agreeing to my client agreement! 

        What about single sessions?

        Add on sessions to a package are $125. 

        Additional Questions? Call me at 516-507-4809 or email me at info@thecollegeessaycaptain.com.


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