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        Q & A
        What's a strategy session?

        A strategy session is a 40-minute virtual coaching session with me, The College Essay Captain founder, Jaclyn Corley. I'll teach you the strategies to make your essays outstanding by focusing on simple shifts in your thinking and writing. 

        What to expect:

        Each strategy session is personalized to meet your individual needs. Our session will take place via phone or Skype combined with live edits and comments via Google Docs. We schedule a time that works for you. Cancelations/rescheduling are free provided they are made 24-hrs in advance.


        The College Essay Captain's unique approach teaches clients the art of writing to a college admissions audience with the science of success based on research-backed methods. I believe that the college essay is the most insightful piece of your application and should be something you feel inspired to write and confident to submit. 

        You will learn valuable life-long writing skills and mindfulness strategies. I will also provide you with links and resources to review on your own time, so that you get the most value out of each session.

        My aproach is currently featured on GotoCollegeFairs.com.

        How do I know how many sessions I'll need?

        If you have just one application essay (Common App, Universal App, etc), then the 3 strategy session is a good place to start. If you have more than one essay, then opt for the 5 strategy session package. If you're applying to a variety of schools with different prompts and supplementals, then the 8 session package is likely for you. You can always add as you go.   

        How do I pay?

        Through my secure Paypal account: paypal.me/collegeessaycaptain. Or click any of the links above to purchase a package or single session. You can call or text me at 516-507-4809 or email me at info@thecollegeessaycaptain.com to schedule your first session. 

        Can I buy a strategy session without a package?

        Yes! Each strategy session is $80. Packages save you some money. 

        Do I really need a college essay consultant?

        If you're applying to selective universities, then yes, you should have personalized guidance. 


        You've never learned how to write this type of essay before, and these essays can impact your future.  

        ​College application essays are the only piece of your application that you have complete control over. And,  they are one of the few ways you can make yourself stand out from the sea of other applications.

        Plus, do you know what Olympic athletes all have in common? They all have a coach. Why? Coaches help you see your blindspots; they help you make small changes that create outstanding results.

        Can't I do this in school or on my own?

        Unfortunately, there's not much in-school help. The national student-to-counselor ratio is 470:1. The maximum recommended ratio is 250:1. Public school counselors only devote 22% of the time they spend with students on college counseling.  

        If you're lucky, you will have a teacher who devotes some class time to teach the college essay, but usually there's not much time for personalized revisions. Or, you can spend your time piecing together what you can find on the internet or in books. It's time consuming, and let's face it, you have other things you'd rather be doing. 

        I will provide you with a strategic approach to tackling your application essays so you feel confident when you hit that submit button. 

        By purchasing a session or package, you are agreeing to my client agreement! 

        Additional Questions? Call me at 516-507-4809 or email me at info@thecollegeessaycaptain.com.

        Want all the private coaching strategies while working at your own pace? Check out The College Essay Course